June 19, 2009

What to wear on a rainy day...

It has been raining so much over here, where i live. Finally today, it cleared up and it was an amazing sunny, warm day.
I got a request on what to wear on a rainy day... even though it's lousy outside, no need for you to look lousy!

Here is what I would wear under my rain coat and umbrella:

I love this collared dress (Forever 21)
I have my dance tights-- which I wear all the time :)
B.P. Fringe Boots-- must have been my favorite shoes that I had this Winter
I tied a black string around my dress to make it a more figure full dress *haha*
Ana my Mark. by Avon black bag



  1. those boots don't deserve to be ruined in the rain, they are so cute!

  2. hey! I ADORE this outfit!!! I've noticed that you have a really sophisticated style like mine. The only problem is yuo wear it...lol. That makes NO sense but let me explain; If I was to wear something like this to school then I would get mocked and ppl would ask me what the hellzzzz I was thinking so I cant wear stuff like that! I'm glad to see that you can, but anyways! I LOVE your style and I ADORE this outfit::: especially those boots!