June 1, 2009

MTV awards, hit or miss?

Well I think I am going to put up a couple more of these tonight:
Last night was the MTV award show... all I really care about is the carpet!!

Leighton Meester... I have to say, she usually pulls amazing outfits off.. but last night, not so much. What do you think? hit or miss. (comment below please!)

I like her boots and hair and makeup... I don't know her dress doesn't really fit for me. 
hit or miss?


  1. I say miss. It's an interesting attempt at an updated "little black dress", but i don't think it works. i like the bracelet, though :)

  2. im thinking miss.

    she really hit the makeup, it looks amazing on her.
    also, the top of the dress is beautiful.

    the bottom though, isnt flattering. i dont really like the see through parts in it.

    its a good attempt though.
    she shoudl go with mosre lighter colors though.

  3. Miss, i think. The dress was just not in. I think the idea "little black dress," wasnt original but always classic thus alright. However making it cut up looks like it got stuck in some power tool. The make up was great but her hair stylist should've put her hair down to try and cover up or redirect the eye away from the dress. Haha. The boots were very "in style" but not very springy, and i dont think they are "red carpet". I would like to know who this "designer" is.

  4. well the hair, makeup, and SHOES were all great, but the dress...er, no. at least she didnt wear something as crazy as her met costume ball gown!! wow... http://media.photobucket.com/image/leighton%20met/NrllAless/blog/red%20carpet/leighton-met.jpg
    personally i think that gossip girls costume designers should dress her all the time... ;)

  5. really? i think a deffinite hit.
    she went out on a limb. I LOVEEE it on her. Shes got the body that can pull this off. The sheer was a great touch and cut outs are SOO in right now. I think she DEFFINITELY could have been worse. She pulled it off wonderfully.

    The boots were FANTASTIC! and the hair makeup, other accessories were right as well!

  6. agree with ya shes pretty but her dress is...akward

  7. im going to have to go with a miss. It looks like her dress ripped when she was trying to get out of the car or something. It might be better without the sleeves, but I'm not so sure about this one