June 14, 2009

Tip Number Two

Okay well I got a request on how to wear these shoes:

They are a simple shoe, but gold can be a little tricky to deal with. 
~When I first saw these shoes, I though skinny jeans and fun tops. So here are some tops that I would wear these shoes with.
(please excuse gross hair)
This gray tank top (which can be purchased at Target) Is very simple. I found this gold necklace that isn't that simple. Yes it is gold WARNING: If you are going to wear two gold accessories make sure they are similar shade, same goes to use with silver.
I LOVE this top, which you all have seen me wear before. This can be purchased at Gap in purple and blue. But I think that this shade of green will look great with the gold shoes. One more accesorey that I would ass is a belt. Just a plain brown belt around the waist. (I would also consider wearing this shirt tucked in too.)
I cannot get enough with this halter top from American Eagle. I think that picture ^ tells it all. This top also comes in lots of other colors which I think would all match with the shoe.

So maybe you are sick an tired of wearing these shoes with pants. Wear it with a skirt!!!!!!!! I love high waisted skirts and you all know that, so I would recomend a high waisted, simple skirt to wear with these shoes.

Hope this helps!


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