June 5, 2009

Tip Number One

Requested by Rachel.
So she told me (ana) that she bought this skirt. Okay so a skirt but the trick is how to wear it! I suggested two tops and two shoes to "edge it up a little." I love this skirt from Urban Outfitters, and there are so many ways to wear it here are my ideas:

This is the skirt Rachel purchased ^

I love this tank top. It comes in many different colors and it's very simple. I would totaly pair this with the skirt and a colorful cardigan. :)

Well this top is an example of a fun top with a design to go with a simple skirt (tucked in) If I were to wear this with the skirt, I wouldn't wear anything else with it. The shoes would be plain, same with a sweater. A fun pattern always makes an outfit fun. :) :)
So I love these sandals. They are simple and plain but the gold accent don't make them boring. I would wear this sandal with any top since it's black. The gold wouldn't affect the outfit at all.
This sandal is also really fun. (both sandals available at Steve Madden) Since there are both gold and silver accent, this sandal could match anything with this skirt.
I think that flat shoes will be better with this skirt. I also like the idea of converse with this skirt to make a more casual look.

I hope this helped Rachel

L  O V E


  1. thanksss dearrie!
    you helped a ton! i actually saw this before i went to a party last night and found the EXACT tank top as the first one(in a diff color)and paired it with the skirt and these kick ass ankle booties i have. and the outfit was a huge hit!

  2. ahh ankle boots would look so cute too!!! yay i'm glad you had a great time in your outfit!!! mwahh