June 1, 2009

New Metallics for upcoming Gucci line.

Wow, you guys have to see this! Metallics meets Gucci. I know, exciting. haha. These items are great. take a look:
LOOK AT THIS BAG!! the color, the shape, and yes, the metallic its just amazing!

I love these pumps. its such a simple shape but when it is added with this awesome light glare, a simple patten leather pump turns into metallic madness. HA HA

I love how this cute bag matched with the previous pumps. I see a very popular collection going on.

Once again, Gucci turns a very simple snake skin clutch into an amazing item. The glare and the metallic makes this clutch catch your eye.
I am so excited to see celebrities and model wearing these Gucci items. Very excited for this fall 2009 trends. 
more to come!


  1. Those shoes are SO me! and that first bag looks soo nice! if the assetts were available i would get those! Good choicess hunny!