August 3, 2009

Time for a change :)

Well this blog has been a great start... but as I continue I feel that a fresh start would do me good.
I have decided to create a new blog. Meaning.. new looks and ideas.
I'd really appreciate if you would all follow my new blog on a new account aswell.

I'm very excited for this blog to blossum. (haha)
So I am going to not use this blog anymore.
It has been fun but a new start is what I need.


(hope to see you on my new blog!!)


July 9, 2009

What I am wearing today :)

Today I went out with my mom to get our nails done :)
Then my mom took me and my little brother out to lunch.
Now I am going out with two of my friends to the village. The town I live in has a village that a lot of people go to. it has stores, the train station, a park, and restaurants. 
This is what I am wearing:

~Sugar Lips white tank top
~ Nordstrom sweater thing
~Pacsun Jeans
~ Havianas flip flops

Ana :)

July 7, 2009

Anyone in the mood for some random photos??

Yeahh, I'm just a little bored:) so I decided to take some pictures, idk what else are you going to do with a camera??
Here is a small portion of my growing collection of magazines, mostly fashion. I adore reading these and my favorite is Teen Vogue :). So those piles are lying around in my room. Like this pile ^^
This is a picture of the top of my dresser. I love having it cluttered with different things. Mostly little boxes, jewelry, and pictures. Very colorful!
This is a picture of my jewlery holder thing. I like it a lot! My friend got it for my birthday. It is really good at holding a lot of jewlery and it looks nice too :)
Here is my packed book shelf. Umm why is this picture blurry? I don't know why. It wasn't when I took it on the camera. Anyways, I store books, more pictures, scrapbooks, more knick knacks, and my doll collection at the top.
These two pictures are pictures of my doll collection. I haven't counted how many I have in total but I have quite a bit. My grandparents and my dad usually get me different types of dolls when they travel. I love have this little collection.
I really like how this one came out. I hate the smell of the perfume but you know, my obsesseion for anything Marc Jacobs made me ask for it for my 13th birthday. Ohwell. I like this pic and if I didn't have this deathly smelling perfume, then I wouldn't have this picture!!!

flowers :)

well i hope you all enjoyed my little photo spazz

Ana :)

July 6, 2009

Summer Collage

I really enjoy sitting down with magazines and cutting out pictures and pasting them to make this:

I really really like how this came out. 
Title for this collage= Summer in the Fashion World

well leave a comment on any ideas for more collages. If you would like one you can email me and leave an address so I could mail you :)

Ana :)

July 5, 2009


Hey everyone. I am back from my mini-vacation, it was fun but I am excited for the rest of the Summer. I hope everyone is doing well :)
Here are some pictures of outfits I have worn in the past week.

Well this is what I wore when I went to the movies with two of my friends.
~ my Gap shirt. (Ladies, get this top. It comes in other colors like purple and blue and its so soft and there are so many ways to wear it!)
~ I made these shorts (:p) They were these weird jeans that were tight on the thighs and then at the knee and all the way down they were puffy. Haha so I decided to cut them into shorts that are a little shorter then bermuda shorts.
~ American Eagle Belt -- I kind of wear this with everything.

Well this was on my Grandmas birthday and my cousin and I had a "photoshoot". 
~American Apparel skirt
~Orange cardigan (forget what brand-- it was a big tag and I cut it off)

This is what I wore when I was going to a dentist appointement (ugh) and then getting my nails done with my mom (I had fun <3)
~White tank top (NO idea where I got this)
~Jcrew collared shirt
~ Gap jean shorts

Ana :)

July 1, 2009

See you Sunday!

Well  I am off to a family reunion so I will not be back till Sunday. I will show you some pictures and I have a lot of pictures I want to post about past outfits I have worn. I can't wait to blog again on Sunday!
-- Ana :)

June 30, 2009

Off to Lunch!

(excuse messy room!)

Well I am off to lunch and then the movies!!!! It's for my sister's birthday that was Sunday, so it'll be fun!

~Hanes t-shirt
~ Old Navy Skirt
~ assortment of bracelets

(also I am planning on changing the layout of this blog so beware haha)


June 25, 2009

June 19, 2009

Beach Party!!!!

Who doesn't love dressing up to go to a nice barbeque along the beach? Well maybe people who don't like beaches.
But besides them who doesn't get excited when they see an invitation to a beach party.
So I would advise to wear a bathing suit under but why not wear a cute cover up?

I really really like this cover up. It is by Elan and I bought it at Annie Sez 

Don't be afraid to wear cute accessories like fun pearl bracelets. Always bring a sweater especially if the party will be taking place through the night.


What to wear on a rainy day...

It has been raining so much over here, where i live. Finally today, it cleared up and it was an amazing sunny, warm day.
I got a request on what to wear on a rainy day... even though it's lousy outside, no need for you to look lousy!

Here is what I would wear under my rain coat and umbrella:

I love this collared dress (Forever 21)
I have my dance tights-- which I wear all the time :)
B.P. Fringe Boots-- must have been my favorite shoes that I had this Winter
I tied a black string around my dress to make it a more figure full dress *haha*
Ana my Mark. by Avon black bag


June 14, 2009

Tip Number Two

Okay well I got a request on how to wear these shoes:

They are a simple shoe, but gold can be a little tricky to deal with. 
~When I first saw these shoes, I though skinny jeans and fun tops. So here are some tops that I would wear these shoes with.
(please excuse gross hair)
This gray tank top (which can be purchased at Target) Is very simple. I found this gold necklace that isn't that simple. Yes it is gold WARNING: If you are going to wear two gold accessories make sure they are similar shade, same goes to use with silver.
I LOVE this top, which you all have seen me wear before. This can be purchased at Gap in purple and blue. But I think that this shade of green will look great with the gold shoes. One more accesorey that I would ass is a belt. Just a plain brown belt around the waist. (I would also consider wearing this shirt tucked in too.)
I cannot get enough with this halter top from American Eagle. I think that picture ^ tells it all. This top also comes in lots of other colors which I think would all match with the shoe.

So maybe you are sick an tired of wearing these shoes with pants. Wear it with a skirt!!!!!!!! I love high waisted skirts and you all know that, so I would recomend a high waisted, simple skirt to wear with these shoes.

Hope this helps!


June 13, 2009

How to wear a high waisted kirt

Well I had a request for what NOT to wear. So I liked this idea so I think I'm going to do this more often. Sp here is my first one.
High Waisted skirt, or really any kind of skirt.
So I have this green skirt from Old Navy, and when I saw it, I thought that this would be a great skirt to turn into a high waisted skirt.
So if you have a high waisted skirt or any skirt that has potential to be a high waisted skirt, I would not wear it like this ^. It makes you and the skirt look a lot shorter.
So this is how I would wear this skirt ^. Get a nice big belt that goes well with the skirt and the top. I would tuck in the top and lift the skirt higher. Then tie the belt around so the skirt i secure and it adds a nice touch to your outfit.

I really like the way this belt went with my t' shirt from American Eagle and my bright green skirt.

I hope this helps!
L  O V E