July 7, 2009

Anyone in the mood for some random photos??

Yeahh, I'm just a little bored:) so I decided to take some pictures, idk what else are you going to do with a camera??
Here is a small portion of my growing collection of magazines, mostly fashion. I adore reading these and my favorite is Teen Vogue :). So those piles are lying around in my room. Like this pile ^^
This is a picture of the top of my dresser. I love having it cluttered with different things. Mostly little boxes, jewelry, and pictures. Very colorful!
This is a picture of my jewlery holder thing. I like it a lot! My friend got it for my birthday. It is really good at holding a lot of jewlery and it looks nice too :)
Here is my packed book shelf. Umm why is this picture blurry? I don't know why. It wasn't when I took it on the camera. Anyways, I store books, more pictures, scrapbooks, more knick knacks, and my doll collection at the top.
These two pictures are pictures of my doll collection. I haven't counted how many I have in total but I have quite a bit. My grandparents and my dad usually get me different types of dolls when they travel. I love have this little collection.
I really like how this one came out. I hate the smell of the perfume but you know, my obsesseion for anything Marc Jacobs made me ask for it for my 13th birthday. Ohwell. I like this pic and if I didn't have this deathly smelling perfume, then I wouldn't have this picture!!!

flowers :)

well i hope you all enjoyed my little photo spazz

Ana :)


  1. you are soooooooo funny!!! LOL btw GREAT pics, specially the Marc Jacobs bottle.....quick question?? Would you like a BIG pile of mags, I'm subscribed to a couple and they don't fit on my thingy anymore... I could send them or sumtin if you'd like that... they're not new, but hey! still good stuff =)


  2. haha i gave you thatt jewelry holder ive been mentioned in your blog a couple times.. haha i love you and these pics are adorablee. see youu soon!

  3. Great photos!! I WANT that jewelry holder :))
    Haha, I have the same magazine problem as you... I've got piles and piles of them under my desk!
    XOXO, Em


  4. awww your room is really cute and preety! xx