June 30, 2009

Off to Lunch!

(excuse messy room!)

Well I am off to lunch and then the movies!!!! It's for my sister's birthday that was Sunday, so it'll be fun!

~Hanes t-shirt
~ Old Navy Skirt
~ assortment of bracelets

(also I am planning on changing the layout of this blog so beware haha)


June 25, 2009

June 19, 2009

Beach Party!!!!

Who doesn't love dressing up to go to a nice barbeque along the beach? Well maybe people who don't like beaches.
But besides them who doesn't get excited when they see an invitation to a beach party.
So I would advise to wear a bathing suit under but why not wear a cute cover up?

I really really like this cover up. It is by Elan and I bought it at Annie Sez 

Don't be afraid to wear cute accessories like fun pearl bracelets. Always bring a sweater especially if the party will be taking place through the night.


What to wear on a rainy day...

It has been raining so much over here, where i live. Finally today, it cleared up and it was an amazing sunny, warm day.
I got a request on what to wear on a rainy day... even though it's lousy outside, no need for you to look lousy!

Here is what I would wear under my rain coat and umbrella:

I love this collared dress (Forever 21)
I have my dance tights-- which I wear all the time :)
B.P. Fringe Boots-- must have been my favorite shoes that I had this Winter
I tied a black string around my dress to make it a more figure full dress *haha*
Ana my Mark. by Avon black bag


June 14, 2009

Tip Number Two

Okay well I got a request on how to wear these shoes:

They are a simple shoe, but gold can be a little tricky to deal with. 
~When I first saw these shoes, I though skinny jeans and fun tops. So here are some tops that I would wear these shoes with.
(please excuse gross hair)
This gray tank top (which can be purchased at Target) Is very simple. I found this gold necklace that isn't that simple. Yes it is gold WARNING: If you are going to wear two gold accessories make sure they are similar shade, same goes to use with silver.
I LOVE this top, which you all have seen me wear before. This can be purchased at Gap in purple and blue. But I think that this shade of green will look great with the gold shoes. One more accesorey that I would ass is a belt. Just a plain brown belt around the waist. (I would also consider wearing this shirt tucked in too.)
I cannot get enough with this halter top from American Eagle. I think that picture ^ tells it all. This top also comes in lots of other colors which I think would all match with the shoe.

So maybe you are sick an tired of wearing these shoes with pants. Wear it with a skirt!!!!!!!! I love high waisted skirts and you all know that, so I would recomend a high waisted, simple skirt to wear with these shoes.

Hope this helps!


June 13, 2009

How to wear a high waisted kirt

Well I had a request for what NOT to wear. So I liked this idea so I think I'm going to do this more often. Sp here is my first one.
High Waisted skirt, or really any kind of skirt.
So I have this green skirt from Old Navy, and when I saw it, I thought that this would be a great skirt to turn into a high waisted skirt.
So if you have a high waisted skirt or any skirt that has potential to be a high waisted skirt, I would not wear it like this ^. It makes you and the skirt look a lot shorter.
So this is how I would wear this skirt ^. Get a nice big belt that goes well with the skirt and the top. I would tuck in the top and lift the skirt higher. Then tie the belt around so the skirt i secure and it adds a nice touch to your outfit.

I really like the way this belt went with my t' shirt from American Eagle and my bright green skirt.

I hope this helps!
L  O V E

June 12, 2009

June 12, 2009.

Well I had a request on how to wear a t shirt and how to dress casual AND what I wore today. So it's 3 requests in one!

~Hanes V-neck
~Abercrombie jeans
~Steve Madden sandals
~LF ring (my favorite!)
~Ralph Lauren belt (i think)

Well for the t shirt and casual part:
I like wearing t shirts tucked in with a belt and jeans or even shorts or skirts. it's a very simple way to look casual but not too sloppy. You still look great but you feel extra comfty. I wear this a lot, and I sometimes wear it with a cardigan or colored shirt.

Well as you can see, I like to wear tucked in shirts A LOT. Even blouses in skirts.
So maybe tomorrow morning when you wake up, change your outfit a little by tucking it in!


June 6, 2009

Pool Party!

Well I have a small bust so it can be tricky to find a cute bathing suit:

Well I found this Elle bathing suit that I love. It is a two piece suit. I like how it is halter, but the bathing suit top isn't supported by the halter. I just chose a simple black bottom to go with it.
Well I found this white cover up which is also Elle. I really like it. It is soft and very  comfortable.

I paired my outfit with plain flip flops and a Vera Bradley Tote. I would suggest a tote since it will be near water. There are so many choices!

Well today it is very nice and warm outside. I am going to raid Kohls with my mom  woot woot haha so this is what I am wearing today:

~Abercrombie&Fitch dress
~Nordstrom sweater
~Steve Madden sandals
~ A  pece bracelet (my friend got it for me)


P.S tips are open!! oh and please comment

June 5, 2009

Tip Number One

Requested by Rachel.
So she told me (ana) that she bought this skirt. Okay so a skirt but the trick is how to wear it! I suggested two tops and two shoes to "edge it up a little." I love this skirt from Urban Outfitters, and there are so many ways to wear it here are my ideas:

This is the skirt Rachel purchased ^

I love this tank top. It comes in many different colors and it's very simple. I would totaly pair this with the skirt and a colorful cardigan. :)

Well this top is an example of a fun top with a design to go with a simple skirt (tucked in) If I were to wear this with the skirt, I wouldn't wear anything else with it. The shoes would be plain, same with a sweater. A fun pattern always makes an outfit fun. :) :)
So I love these sandals. They are simple and plain but the gold accent don't make them boring. I would wear this sandal with any top since it's black. The gold wouldn't affect the outfit at all.
This sandal is also really fun. (both sandals available at Steve Madden) Since there are both gold and silver accent, this sandal could match anything with this skirt.
I think that flat shoes will be better with this skirt. I also like the idea of converse with this skirt to make a more casual look.

I hope this helped Rachel

L  O V E

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What I am wearing:
~Max&CO blazer (paris)
~Sam and Max dress
~(same shoes as before)

What Meggi is wearing:
~Nicola blouse
~ Urban Outfitters high-waisted jeans
~Ann Taylor black pumps

ana and meg 

Megan and I

Well, I'm over at my friend, Megan's, house. We decided to post what we are wearing. We also are going to dress up in diffeent outfits so be on the look out for that!
What I am wearing:
~Urban outfitters skirt
~Sugar Lips tank top
~ Nona's belt (haha)
~Max&CO blazer (paris)
~payless shoes!

What Meggi is wearing
~Urban Outfitters pencil skirt
~B'leeve blouse
~Payless pumps


ana and meg

P.S if you asked for a tip, i am in the middle of them so they should see them posted soon.

June 3, 2009

June 3rd 2009.

ew my feet are so gross from dance :(

I am so tired today, but I have dance from 4:45 to 8:00 ahh. I think it's going to be really fun today.
What I wore
~Gap tops (i got it monday)
~old Gap capris
~Steve Madden sandals (i love these!)
~ I'm also wearing a black tank top under so the shirt doesn't look see through

TIPS TIPS: really guys ask me anything haha
or just give me ideas for posts!