June 13, 2009

How to wear a high waisted kirt

Well I had a request for what NOT to wear. So I liked this idea so I think I'm going to do this more often. Sp here is my first one.
High Waisted skirt, or really any kind of skirt.
So I have this green skirt from Old Navy, and when I saw it, I thought that this would be a great skirt to turn into a high waisted skirt.
So if you have a high waisted skirt or any skirt that has potential to be a high waisted skirt, I would not wear it like this ^. It makes you and the skirt look a lot shorter.
So this is how I would wear this skirt ^. Get a nice big belt that goes well with the skirt and the top. I would tuck in the top and lift the skirt higher. Then tie the belt around so the skirt i secure and it adds a nice touch to your outfit.

I really like the way this belt went with my t' shirt from American Eagle and my bright green skirt.

I hope this helps!
L  O V E

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