May 31, 2009

Is That Studs I See?

Well I just happened to be looking through new trends for this upcoming fall and i noticed that *studs* were coming back... but in different, fun way. take a look:
Marc Jacobs new *fun* bag  (very excited about this)

Miu Miu bag... very cute

Balmain boots
Diance von Furstenberg clutch.... im liking this color

Well i guess we should be on the look out for different kinds of studs!!


P.S: if you need any tips or have any questions just email me at

May 31, 2009.

the weather is great today!! yayyy
This is what I wore^
~American Apparel skirt (they come in so many colors)
~ Old Navy tank
~Ann Taylor Loft jacket 
~Steve Madden Sandals
~ that little belt... its my sister haha

May 30, 2009

Email For Tips

Okay so I want to do a lot with this blog but one big thing is helping you guys with your fashion "issues". What you can do:
~email me at
~pick an item(s) and tell me what it is! I can post an outfit(s) to help give you advice on what you should wear with it. (also, let me know the occassion that you will be wearing it)
~if you have any questions about fashion in general and how to wear something or wear to buy something.
Well I am so excited for this blog. I want to help you guys and give you *secrets* on fashion in the normal world.


May 30, 2009.

Wow what a day. It was really nice out today, warm, but not too hot. i went over to my friends house because we had to do an english project. EW. haha Well i had a lot of fun. We ordered some pizza and it was so delicious. Then I came home and read. Yay. This is what I wore today ^^^
A Hanes white v-neck, a cardigan that I have no idea where I got it from, faded shorts, and my mom's cow boy boots!! My bag is also from urban outfitters (<3).
Have a wonderful night!!