July 5, 2009


Hey everyone. I am back from my mini-vacation, it was fun but I am excited for the rest of the Summer. I hope everyone is doing well :)
Here are some pictures of outfits I have worn in the past week.

Well this is what I wore when I went to the movies with two of my friends.
~ my Gap shirt. (Ladies, get this top. It comes in other colors like purple and blue and its so soft and there are so many ways to wear it!)
~ I made these shorts (:p) They were these weird jeans that were tight on the thighs and then at the knee and all the way down they were puffy. Haha so I decided to cut them into shorts that are a little shorter then bermuda shorts.
~ American Eagle Belt -- I kind of wear this with everything.

Well this was on my Grandmas birthday and my cousin and I had a "photoshoot". 
~American Apparel skirt
~Orange cardigan (forget what brand-- it was a big tag and I cut it off)

This is what I wore when I was going to a dentist appointement (ugh) and then getting my nails done with my mom (I had fun <3)
~White tank top (NO idea where I got this)
~Jcrew collared shirt
~ Gap jean shorts

Ana :)

1 comment:

  1. LALALA.
    Hello my little adorable fashionista. :] You LOOK amazing in all of these lovely outfits!

    I want your first top in purple. BADLY.
    and I Love what you did with it.. super cute, super cute.

    And the third makes me die.